We give you the choice of bringing the offending desktop or laptop into the shop or we can come to see the patient in it's natural surroundings.

Either way we guarantee we will treat the patient (computer/laptop) with the respect and sincerity it deserves.

We know computers have a tendency to bring out the worst in people, since they never do what they should do when you want them to and they always do what you don't want at the worst possible moment.

But we have seen it all and we can absolutely assure you that if it can be fixed we will. If it can't be fixed we will tell you before you have run up a bill the size of a small farm loan. 
We are experienced in all sorts of technology these days. From Desktop and laptop Computers to TV's, Tablets, Smart phones, X Boxes and numerous other
hi-tech equipment.

We are experienced wireless network installers and have installed dozens of home and small business security systems.

We even discovered that Matamata residents had to travel all the way to Tokoroa to drop off their sky decoders, so we rang and arranged to be a decoder drop off point just to provide Matamata with a simpler way to return them.

if you can think of anything we can help with in the Hi-Tech world, just give us a call. And if we can help. We will!